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This is not your everyday after school program! We are for boldness, facing fears and learning what it means to be true to ourselves.

As one of our girls, you will learn how to choose, plan, prepare and execute your own multi-day outdoor adventure with our skilled guides as your teachers and consultants.

We are not here to hold your hands. We are here to give you the skills and opportunity you need to prove you can do more than you think you can - both in the outdoors and in life.



Self kindness is about loving the skin you are in, embracing what you like and dislike about yourself, and raising your inner dialogue.

When we adopt the practice of self-kindness, you don’t waste energy on negative and destructive thought patterns. By doing so, you feel happier and more positive, allowing you to truly do amazing things with your life. Self kindness is the first step in being an empowered woman.


To become an independent woman, you have to know who you are, what you want, and you have to be able to make choices for yourself. You also have to know what you are capable of and the only way to do that is to try.

Most girls haven’t had enough opportunity to discover who they are and to push themselves to see what they are made of. We give them that opportunity over and over again.


We were not put on earth to live small lives. Greatness is in each of us, but it has to be encouraged and cultivated both from ourselves and by others.

Girls Unbored is about inviting each girl to decide what greatness means for them, and teaching them the skills they need to go after their dreams, using the outdoors as our classroom. It is also about recognizing the greatness in others, and encouraging everyone to live big, bold lives that matter.


Nature inspires us and renews us. It also allows us to find a larger perspective and to connect with something bigger than ourselves. But nature will humble and remind us that we need to take her seriously, and not for granted.

Nature as a classroom will teach you to be self-sufficient, to prepare for the unknown, to problem solve, to adapt, and to persevere, finding humor when things don’t go your way. It is an analogy for life.


Girls have historically been taught it is cute to be scared and that they should be seen and not heard. As much as we have advanced as a society, these messages are still indirectly being reinforced. Girls Unbored is about elevating the beliefs of girls today so that they will become our self-actualized, empowered women of tomorrow.

Our after school program is based on experiential learning. We teach both outdoor skills and personal development using nature and adventure as our classroom. The program lasts eight weeks with the ninth week being a multi-night backpacking trip completely planned by the girls. During our after-school sessions, we will cover several topics including the ones shown below.


  • Choosing Our Trip
  • Route Planning
  • Gear Essentials
  • Footwear and Clothing Selection
  • How to Pack a Backpack
  • Hydration – Sourcing and Treating Water
  • Feeding Ourselves – Planning and Cooking
  • Sleeping Outside – Tents, Hammocks & Sleeping Bags
  • Navigation
  • Basic First Aid
  • Weather
  • Critters
  • Leave No Trace


  • Taking charge of ourselves
  • Daring to live big and believe in our potential
  • Holding ourselves to a high standard
  • Cultivating positive self-beliefs and thinking habits
  • Evaluating and facing fears
  • Learning to speak up and be heard
  • Making decisions on what is right for us
  • Being proactive and overcoming our excuses and setbacks
  • Building trust and confidence in our abilities
  • Perseverance and grit


“A strong woman looks adventure in the eye and gives it a wink.”



If you are interested in participating in our upcoming Fall 2017 program as an adventurer or counselor, what are you waiting for? Contact us!
Atlanta, Georgia
(404) 536-4381